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Toothache- Things you should know

Some pains are physical; some are mental while some are emotional but the one that beats all is dental pain. At Opulent Dental, many people come agitated complaining about constantly throbbing or a sharp shooting pain that does not let them sleep, eat or continue with daily chores.

Yes, we are talking about dental pain, commonly known as a toothache or a person’s worst nightmare.

A dental pain or toothache is the pain in or around the tooth and gums that can be localized to a specific area or spread to the head, neck and ear. Depending on the severity of the

Reasons for a toothache:

You can be 5 or 50 yrs old, yet fall prey to certain dental problems that can lead to a bad toothache, such as:

  • Tooth decay (dental caries)
  • Misshapen (cracked, chipped, fractured, or broken) teeth
  • Root caries or exposed roots due to poor gum health
  • Gum diseases
  • Infection of the soft tissue or the jawbone
  • Extreme sensitivity due to bruxism (night teeth grinding or teeth clenching habit)
  • Partial eruption or impaction of a wisdom tooth
  • Poor restored tooth
  • Ill-fitting dental prosthesis
  • Jaw pain

Oftentimes, even after proper oral hygiene care, dental problems can be inevitable. This is why Dr. Dutt at Opulent Dental advises patients to never miss their routine dental check-ups.

Opulent Dental- Time to take your toothache away

It is crucial to determine the root cause of the toothache or dental pain and then eliminate it. You can eat all the painkillers in the world but if the tooth is not treated rightly, toothache is not going to leave you.

At Opulent Dental, whenever a person comes with their eyes red-shot with pain, unable to speak. The first thing our dentists do is perform a thorough clinical and radio graphical examination to reach a diagnosis. Even though a dentist sees a visible carious lesion (tooth decay), fracture or swollen tissue in the mouth, treatment cannot be done without peeping inside the tooth via radiograph.

Opulent Dental takes great pride in providing the people in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford VA with the latest dental techniques, and almost painless dental procedures. We provide urgent dental care and are pretty much a 24 hour dentist office (available on phone after hours to answer questions)

Even though the traditional, 2D panoramic x-rays are a great way to look at the hard tissues hiding inside the bone and below the dental crown, they have their limitations. Opulent Dental is innovative in its approach and get a detailed 3D view of the complete structure of the tooth and tissues around it.

The following aids in a better diagnosis:

  • Clinical examination of the mouth
  • 2D panoramic radiographs
  • 3D scans and digital radiographs
  • Transillumination

In general, the better the imaging, the better the diagnosis and treatment plan.

How can you prevent a toothache?

We at Opulent Dental truly believe in the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Here are some of the possible ways to avoid dental problems:

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Use mouthwash to rinse off the bacteria
  • Avoid eating sugary food frequently (eat all at once to satisfy your carvings and then rinse your mouth
  • with water)
  • Always rinse your mouth after every meal
  • Visit us regularly at Opulent Dental for routine dental exams and check-ups

Even if you do suffer from toothache, seek dental help before things get worse.


How do I relieve my toothache / Remedies for toothache?
It is best to visit the dental clinic as soon as you can. However, in the meantime Dr. Dutt advises the patient to take over-the-counter painkillers such as Acetaminophen and or Ibuprofen at recommended doses, use cold packs around the teeth with proper brushing and flossing for toothache relief.
If I have tooth pain, should I go to the ER?
We generally advise patient with tooth pain to call us and try to schedule an emergency appointment. During afterhours/weekends, if the tooth pain is unsustainable, we recommend calling/texting our office number (5403824441) for a quick virtual consult. Rarely, If the patient has high fever or has general sickness, we do recommend that they go to their nearest ER.

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