Professional Teeth Cleaning in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA

Get your teeth professionally cleaned, and let them freely breath!


Overtime, your teeth can become stained and yellow. Even though people claim that they brush twice daily (and most of them do) yet the come to us at Opulent Dental with thick, rock hard layers of calculus (tartar) encapsulating their teeth and upper region of gums.

With proper oral hygiene maintenance, Dr. Dutt educates patients to get professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Bacteria and debris can harbor inside the gum line or in between your teeth, escaping the bristles of brush and the dental floss.

Let your teeth enjoy a dental spa!

Over time, a think sticky layer called “plaque” forms around the teeth, especially in the areas where brushing is difficult. In addition, if plaque accumulates for more than 48 hours it turns into a thick yellow layer called calculus. This thick layer cannot be removed by brushes and calls for professional teeth cleaning (dental scaling).

Apart from this, the stains on your teeth due to eating, drinking or smoking habits also need professional cleaning, to return the dazzling spark to your smile and your face.

Get your teeth some professional help at Opulent Dental to save them from the wrath of dental issues.


Do professional teeth cleaning weaken the teeth?
No, it does not. What weakens the teeth and make them fall prey to dental problems is the layer of calculus that adheres to the teeth and do not let them breathe. Professional teeth cleaning at Opulent Dental, rinses the mouth from every particle of debris, calculus and bacteria- improving the oral hygiene by many folds.
How often do I need professional teeth cleaning?
At opulent Dental, Dr. Dutt recommends everyone to get their teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year. If you are a smoker, or have a fixed dental prosthesis, you may require professional teeth cleaning more often than others.

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