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The Covid-19 pandemic has left us locked down and working from our homes. We are scared to step out of our homes unless absolutely necessary. This has resulted in delays in dental care for many. But teeth do not get better on their own, and dental problems, once begun, just worsen. So taking a little time at home to practice good dental habits is a great way to keep our teeth healthy during the pandemic (and every day).

So here’s how you can take care of our teeth and avoid any dental problems :

Brush, Brush, and Brush

Brushing is the first and foremost yet often neglected step of your oral care. Brushing in a proper technique twice a day could save you a lot of trouble. Research has established that nighttime brushing is much more vital than brushing in the morning. So NEVER go to sleep without brushing. More importantly, you should also brush whenever you eat anything sweet or sticky that gets stuck to your teeth.

Flosses and Mouthwashes

Flossing is the most underrated oral hygiene habit and must be treated as important as brushing.You need to floss at least once a day between your teeth to take out any chunks of food stuck, which can potentially cause you problems. Flossing also helps in stimulating the gums, preventing plaque, and reducing any inflammation of gums.

You can also keep your mouth fresh by using mouth rinses, which are generally available over-the-counter. However, try not to use them for a prolonged duration as excessive usage may cause drying of your mouth.

Limit in-between-meal snacking

The snack you consume between your lunch and dinner might end up being a menace for your teeth. They get stuck in the grooves of your teeth and stay in contact with your tooth for a long time leading to plaque build-up and cavities. Hence it is best to avoid eating any snacks between meals. Instead, have your sweet treat with a main meal like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet consisting of a balance of all essential components and full of fibrous foods is vital for a healthy mouth and overall well-being. Avoiding sticky food items like candies, chocolates, sweets, etc., is wise if you want to keep dental decay at bay. It is also advisable to limit refined sugars or carbs contained in processed foods.It is imperative to incorporate fibers in your diet in the form of vegetables and (especially) fruits. This is because they have a self-cleaning action on your teeth.
So these are the magic mantras to keep your teeth hale and hearty while you are unable to visit your dentist’s office!!

However, it is advisable to stay in touch with your dentist, even if it is through teleconsultation, to make sure you do not miss the early signs of any serious dental problems, which need to be addressed immediately. Your dentist can guide you on what to do in case of an emergency as well.

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