Sedation Dentistry in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA

Once you eliminate the factors of pain and fear associated with dental treatments, dentistry is nothing but beautiful. At Opulent Dental, we try to treat patients in the painless ways, eliminating their dental anxiety the first thing they enter our clinic.

Sedation- What, how and why

At times, people get relaxed when the dentist talks to them and educates them. However, in many cases it is not easy to talk the patients out of their dental fear, making the dental treatments difficult to perform. This is why we are always tweaking the latest methods and updating our clinic to provide a seamless dental experience.

Sedation helps to calm down your nerves. The patient will be awake and aware of the surroundings (except for general anesthesia), yet they will not feel any pain, discomfort or fear, allowing the dentist to easily finish the treatment.

What we offer?

There are various ways that we offer at Opulent Dental

  • Oral sedation: involves use of oral medication for sedation and to reduce anxiety.
  • nitrous oxide sedation/Laughing gas

Sedation dentistry is becoming extremely popular and improving the dental care in people. Because as they can relax in the dental chair, they are not afraid of the dentists and there are no reasons to delay the appointments. Sedation or no sedation is your choice, at Opulent Dental, we discuss every aspect with you and in the end the decision is always yours.


Are there any side effects of dental sedation?
You may feel slightly light-headed, drowsy. We at Opulent Dental, closely assess patients mental status before discharging patient home after any dental procedure involving sedation. There are no long-term side effects of dental sedation!!
For how long does sedation last?
Nitrous oxide sedation is short lasting. Generally, patients can drive back home themselves after the dental procedure under nitrous oxide sedation. Oral sedation effects could last a little longer and the patient may need help to be driven back home after the dental procedure.

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