Root Canal Treatment in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA

Saving a tooth and restoring its function is a work of art, and we have the best artists- oh what I mean is dentists in Christiansburg. At Opulent Dental, we believe in practicing patient-oriented, gentle and painless dentistry.

People often dread root canals, because to be honest, it was scary in the past with multiple visits to the clinic. However, now with innovative technology and patient-friendly methods that have improved patient compliance with single-visit root canal treatment, we are rebuilding the image of dentistry at Opulent Dental.

Root Canals- Things you should know

When left untreated, dental caries (tooth decay) can advance and invade the dental pulp (living part of the tooth), or at times the damage can result from a trauma. This is when the tooth needs a more invasive treatment called root canal to remove the pulp, clean all the debris and then fill them with a dental material. Lastly, the lost structure of the tooth is restored and covered with a dental crown to restore the anatomy, function and strength of the tooth.

Do not neglect your oral health, because the more the damage, the more painful and expensive the treatment becomes.


Will root canal treatment weaken the tooth?
We only opt for a root canal for your tooth at Opulent Dental when it is already in a vulnerable and painful condition. The root canal saves and restores what is left of the tooth to preserve the function and your smile.
Is root canal an expensive dental treatment?
As we say dentistry is not expensive, your neglect is. Dental treatments can be expensive. However, root canals and certain dental treatments are often covered in your dental insurance plan at Opulent Dental.

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