Danielle English

24073 Dentist

Danielle has been with Opulent Dental since February 2021, and while she might be relatively new to the office, she has a nine-year track-record in the dental industry. It all began when Danielle started working as a Dental Assistant, after which she moved into administrative work more than four years ago. Since then, Danielle’s priority has been to keep patients happy through great experiences at Opulent Dental. Danielle has never been afraid of adversity, and she likes to see challenges as new opportunities. For Danielle, meeting new patients means a new opportunity to help change someone’s life. When she’s not running the office, Danielle can be found spending time with her seven-year-old son, her family, and her closest friends. She enjoys shopping, traveling, and exploring new cuisines. Danielle is excited to be part of the Opulent Dental team!

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