Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA

At Opulent Dental, often you will come across little kids crying and screaming on the dental chairs, because they are too scared to get the treatment done. We do not blame them.

Sedation for kids; safe or not?

Even after the application of fluorides and sealants and all the protective measures, the teeth can still fall prey to dental problems over time. It is crucial to get them treated. However, it is never easy to convince a child to let the dentist perform their jobs. The mere sight of a needle or the mask-covered faces of the dentists can scare them off.

This is why for extensive and somewhat painful dental procedures; Dr. Dutt at Opulent Dental suggests the use of nitrous oxide sedation- laughing gas, as you know it. It is the safest mode of sedation even for kids, and the best part is it helps the children calm down and relax, so the dental treatment is completed without any fuss.


Is nitrous oxide sedation dangerous for kids?
The straight answer is no. It has been used in medicine for centuries, for both kids and adults. It is a safe procedure with no long-term side effects that we use at Opulent Dental to treat the children in a seamless and painless way.
Can children feel any pain after sedation?
The main purpose of sedation is to eliminate the pain and help the kid relax in the dental chair. Nitrous oxide sedation induces a euphoric state, the kid will be happy throughout the dental procedure. As we say at Opulent Dental, happy kids are healthy kids.

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