Mouthguards for teeth grinding in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA

At Opulent Dental, people often come complaining about extreme sensitive in their teeth, even though they do not have any “visible” dental problems.

Bruxism, the habit of night grinding or clenching the teeth in anger or stress is a common problem especially in teens. You may not even be aware of this habit until your dental health starts to deteriorate. Excessive teeth grinding leads to attrition causing teeth to appear shorter, and become sensitive.

Who needs a mouth guard?

Mouth guards or bite guards are ready-to-wear or custom-made trays that are available for one or both arches. People who have bruxism are required to wear them during the night, to decrease and gradually eliminate the habit. Kids and adults who are into sports and other physical activities are also recommended to wear the mouth guards during the games. This is because the mouth guards help to protect the teeth and gums from any injury.

If you do not get bruxism treated, it can lead to several dental or jaw related problems. Severe pain in the jaw or clicking noises when opening and closing them are common symptoms that point to teeth grinding habits.

When you are under stress, or your roommate complains that you make clenching noises while sleeping, visit us at Opulent Dental for a complete dental evaluation.


Is it painful to wear a mouth guard?
In the initial days, after you get your mouthguard from Opulent Dental, it might feel a little too tight or uncomfortable, causing a some pain. However, with time it subsides as you get into the habit of wearing the mouth guards.
I wear mouth guard every night will it change my bite.
Yes, the mouth guard can change the bite, as it tends to move the lower jaw either forward or backward. You can always consult your dentist for your concerns.

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