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We know that children go through a physiological phase of loose teeth when there milk teeth fall off and permanent ones are on their way to pop in the mouth. However, that is a normal process. The concerning thing is when in children or in adults the permanent teeth become loose. If loose teeth are left untreated, the next step them falling out of your mouth- the worst nightmare.

About loose teeth in children:

Most children suffer from loose teeth at the age of 5-6 years. That is when their baby teeth are preparing to fall off, making space for the new permanent ones to take their place. The first baby teeth to go are the lower middle two (central incisors). This process will continue for the next few years, usually until the age of 13, when all permanently teeth (except the wisdom teeth) have settles into the oral cavity.

It is good that the baby teeth become loose when their time comes, because if not, our paedriatic dentists at Opulent Dental might have to extract them in the dental clinic.

The process explained is a natural one. However, oftentimes the teeth in children can become loose due to dental problems or trauma. For which, you need to seek dental assistance (often the kid may require emergency dental care).

About loose teeth in adults:

In adults, loose teeth at any point are worrisome and need urgent dental care. A loose tooth results when the gums recess and the tooth starts to detach from the underlying jawbone. It is very easy to treat mild tooth mobility, they can be simply tied or splinted back unto the positions. However if the mobility is severe, invasive often surgical intervention is necessary.

Once the teeth start to loosen, eating, chewing or even touching them can exacerbate the process and lead to more issues.

Symptoms of loose teeth:

Even though, you will notice instantly if a structure as strong as your tooth becomes loose. However, there are a few symptoms associated with loose teeth:

  • Red, swollen and tender gums around the tooth or teeth
  • Dental or jaw bone
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Bleeding gums
  • Infection or abscess associated with the loose tooth

Reasons for a loose tooth:

You may have a loose tooth, but do you remember what caused it? It is essential to know the reasons in order to avoid them and protect the dental health.

  • Tooth decay or dental cavities that causes infection
  • Injury, trauma an accident
  • Gum disease that involves the bone- periodontitis
  • Teeth grinding habits (bruxism)
  • Not replacing the extracted tooth can cause the neighboring teeth to drift, tilt or become loose over time
  • Aging

Treatment options for loose teeth:

After a definitive diagnosis and determining the cause of the loose teeth, your dentist at Opulent Dental will plan the treatment accordingly, such as:

  • Professional dental cleaning (scaling)
  • Treating other dental problems
  • Using a wire to tie the teeth back in their place for 2 weeks (tooth splinting)
  • Bone grafting
  • Surgical intervention
  • Removing the tooth (tooth extraction)

Get the dental problems at the earliest. The later you acknowledge them, the difficult it becomes for the tooth to be saved. To know if there is anything wrong with your oral health or not, visit us at Opulent Dental.


Can a loose tooth be fixed?
If you get to the dental clinic in time, that your tooth an oral health are in favorable condition the dentist can save the tooth and restore its strength with scaling or tooth splinting. However, if you neglect your dental health, the only option left will be tooth extraction. Worry not, even if your tooth is beyond repair, we have the best replacement solutions for you at Opulent Dental. We cannot let you walk out of our door, smiling a tooth less smile.

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