If you need urgent dental care in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA, rush to us at Opulent Dental.

Accidents are unforeseen and oftentimes unavoidable. Trauma to the teeth or face can result from a simple fall, especially in kids, requiring emergency dental care. If you are in Christiansburg, Radford or Blacksburg and anything dental emergency arises, rush to us at Opulent Dental. We have on-call emergency dentists that provide the best possible dental care at any time.

What happens in the dental ER?

At Opulent Dental walk-ins in the ER are treated conservatively unless necessary. It is highly unlikely (even illegal) to perform invasive or surgical dental treatments such as tooth extraction, root canals if an emergency dentist is not present. Only a qualified dentist has the legal rights to perform the treatment, if they are not present, you will be given pain medication or antibiotics to relieve the symptoms.

Reasons you may need emergency dental care:

Even though dental pain is often treated with medication at home, (this is why patients keep delaying their appointments). However, some dental problems require immediate treatment, such as:

  • Severe, unbearable dental pain
  • Knocked out tooth from a fall or accident
  • Chipped, broken or fractured tooth
  • Severe infection with abscess (pus)
  • Severe swelling associated with pain and at times, fever
  • Constant bleeding after a tooth extraction
  • Broken braces (metal brackets, wires or the clear path aligner trays)


How will the dental ER treat a severe infection?
If a dentist is present, they will perform the necessary treatment and remove the cause of the infection such as infected pulp or broken tooth along with medication. Otherwise, you will be getting antibiotics. At times, the patient has to be transferred to the hospital if the symptoms are worse such as pus oozing out, or high-grade fever.
When dental pain is considered an emergency?
When the pain is so severe and sharp that no over-the-counter medication relieves it, you need to rush to the dental emergency care near you. If you are Christiansburg, you can always find Opulent Dental in the top searches in “emergency dental care near me.

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