Dentures in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA:

At Opulent Dental, we have our expertise in every area of dentistry. From restoring the tooth to replacing the missing one, we curate your smile with utmost perfection and care.

At Opulent Dental, we create dentures that replicate the natural teeth and surrounding tissues on the best possible manner. With the innovative techniques we have learned and practiced over time, nobody will be able to tell your artificial teeth apart. And the best part, dentures not only replace the missing teeth but the recreate the fullness in your smile, giving your wrinkled and drooping skin a “face lift.”

Why do you need a denture?

Tooth loss can occur due to many reasons. Tooth decay, gum diseases, trauma or simply aging are the most significant contributing factors. However, if you are young and healthy, the dentist will go for a fixed prosthesis such as a dental implant or a bridge. But if you have underlying medical conditions, your oral hygiene and bone condition is sub-par, and you are in the “elderly group”, the dentist will suggest you to go for Dentures.

A denture is a removable dental prosthesis that partially or completely replaces the missing teeth in one or both arches. It replaces the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues, and seated on the jawbone.

Every step created in an artistic way, our patients leave Opulent Dental looking years younger and much happier!


Is getting a denture a painful process?
The process is seemingly painless, although you might feel a little discomfort and get agitated, as it requires multiple visits to the clinic. At Opulent Dental, the patient’s comfort is our priority; with advanced techniques, we try to limit the visits. The only strange feeling you might experience is the “awe” you feel once your smile and facial aesthetics are restored with the denture, it takes some time to adjust.
Can my denture become loose over time?
With time, the bone of your jaw is resorbed, just like any other bone in your body. Hence, a denture can become loose over time. Therefore, at opulent Dental we always advise patients to visit the dentist’s office regularly so they can evaluate your oral health and the denture.

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