Get your dark teeth fixed at opulent Dental, with treatments that fit your time frame and do not break the bank.

Discolored or dark teeth can occur due to various factors- both intrinsic and extrinsic. You can have one or more dark teeth. At Opulent Dental we offer minimally invasive dental solution like professional teeth whitening or dental veneers to make your teeth pearly white- or as white as they can get.

What causes dark teeth?

The color of the natural teeth is dependent on the amount of calcium found on the outer layer of enamel, and the color of the inner layer of dentin. With time, many factors like foods, drinks, smoking or even systematic diseases can cause the teeth to turn yellow, gray or even black. The staining or discoloration can be generalized (on all teeth), or localized (on one or a few teeth).

At times, you can have dark teeth by birth, this can happen if your mother when pregnant with you was into smoking, use of alcohol or ever used a medication called “tetracycline”.

Reasons for dark teeth:

Extrinsic factors:

  • damage to the outer layer of the tooth- enamel
  • extreme tartar (calculus) buildup
  • eating or drinking things that can cause staining such as tea, coffee, alcohol
  • certain medication like iron supplements or use of tetracycline
  • excessive use of medicated toothpastes or mouthwash (often with the recommendation of a dentist)
  • smoking or use of tobacco
  • old dental crowns or metal fillings such as amalgam

Intrinsic factors:

  • Dental caries
  • Pulp infection
  • Dead tooth
  • Systematic issues
  • Tetracycline staining

The major issue with dark teeth is they compromise the aesthetics of your smile. Even though they may not need urgent dental care, you need to get them treated especially if the reason is a dental issue.

Treatment options for dark teeth:

At Opulent Dental, we strive to keep the treatments minimally invasive and conservative. However, the severity of the dental issues or staining navigates the dental procedures. We can opt for:

  • Professional dental cleaning or dental scaling
  • In-house or professional teeth whitening
  • At-home teeth whitening
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Treating the dental problems such as tooth decay with dental fillings or root canals followed by a crown

We try at our best to educate the patients with the preventive measures so they can be save their tooth from major damage such as:

  • Brush twice daily
  • Use of dental floss and mouthwash
  • Professional dental cleaning twice yearly
  • Avoid food or drinks that cause staining
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use
  • Eat healthy food
  • Rinse your mouth after every meal
  • Regular dental-checkups and exams

Let us reinstate the brightness and whiteness of your smile. Call us at Opulent Dental and schedule your dental appointment at the earliest!


What is causing my teeth to turn dark?
There are several reasons that cause dark teeth. Drinking too much coffee or tea, an injury to the tooth, damage to the enamel, tooth decay can all contribute to it. To find out what is the actual reason behind your dark teeth and get it treated, visit us at Opulent Dental.
I have several dark teeth. Can they be treated?
At Opulent Dental, we never say no to our patients. Your dark or discolored teeth can be easily treated. Depending on the severity of discoloration and the cause behind it we have several treatment options like scaling, teeth whitening and dental veneers.

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