Dental crowns in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Radford, VA.

Oftentimes the dental decay or damage is so severe that most of the tooth structure is lost and dental fillings cannot restore what remains. At Opulent Dental, our main goal is to make the dental treatment as conservative as possible.

What are dental crowns?
If the damage were beyond dental restoration, we would try to preserve the tooth with dental fillings. However, if they are not doable, we have to save the tooth at any cost which is why dental crowns are our option. Dental crowns offer full coverage to the restored tooth by restoring the shape, size, and function of the tooth.

Reasons to get a dental crown

  • Patients who have a large filling and only a small portion of viable tooth is left
  • Restoring and protecting a fractured tooth
  • After a dental implant
  • To cover or “cap” a discolored or malformed tooth
  • After root canal to restore and protect the tooth

Crown signifies the royalty of your teeth!

Worry not, at Opulent Dental we do not use the not-so-good-looking metal crowns. We use innovative dental technology and tooth-friendly materials to fabricate tooth-colored crowns. We use crowns made out of all-porcelain or porcelain fused with metal (PFM) that will restore the function and your smile in the most natural and conservative way.

Reasons you may need professional teeth whitening:

  • Staining or discoloration from tea, coffee, alcohol and certain foods
  • Dark teeth due to aging
  • Staining due to smoking and use of tobacco

For mild discoloration, you may get the desired whitening results in one visit but to achieve lighter shades you would require multiple visits. However, to combat darker stains and discoloration due to intrinsic factors, whitening or bleaching might not work, and you would require dental bonding or veneers.


Can teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?
Even though your teeth will be exposed to chemical bleaching agents, yet the method we use for professional teeth whitening at Opulent Dental will not make them sensitive. Guaranteed! You will leave Opulent Dental with a healthy and a whiter smile.
Is the at-home teeth whitening kit better?
There are many DIY teeth whitening kits available that can be used after consulting with the dentist and they do give satisfactory results. However, in-house teeth whitening is always the better and safer option, with more desirable results.

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